Increase Your Brand Awareness Twice With Facebook Ads For Business

Facebook ads are one of the largest online advertising channels that allow businesses and organizations to reach their target audience around the world.

If you still doubt whether you need Facebook ads for business, then look at the statistics: Facebook is the champion of social media today. It is the leading social platform, reaching 60.6 percent of internet users.

Facebook is not only the largest social network in the world but also a powerful advertising channel along with Google Adwords.

In 2018, 44 percent of consumers admitted that Facebook influenced their shopping behavior. In 2019, this value grew even more.

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The audience of social networks is huge and it would be a mistake not to use it for your business. Why? Because when working with social networks you get direct contact (in fact, trusting relationships) with your target audience, which greatly increases the likelihood that they will turn into your customers.

Another thing is that the implementation of all this in practice is not always simple. In this case, a professional digital agency can help you use all the advantages of Facebook ads with maximum efficiency.

Facebook Ads For Business: Key Benefits

Facebook ads have several advantages for your business compared to advertising on other platforms. Here are some of them:

1. Huge target audience
More than 2 billion people use Facebook in the world. With so many users, your potential customers are likely to be there too. Therefore, even if you own a local business, Facebook ads can work for you.

2. Different pricing options
Facebook allows you to use various pricing options. There is a wide selection of billing, from which you can choose the most profitable. You can pay for a specific result you get (pay for reach or impressions, view website/landing page, watch the video, like on the Facebook page, lead and so on).

3. Advertising on two popular platforms at once
By setting up an advertisement on Facebook, you can launch it on Instagram. Working from one interface saves time, plus you can get more results from the campaign if you run it on both social networks.

4. Accurate audience reach
Thanks to the options for fine-tuning targeting (by age, interests, place of residence, gender, behavior, and so on), you can be sure that advertising will hit exactly the target.

Facebook also helps increase the customer base with the option that is called lookalike. This option will find similar users based on a given sample of the target audience (from a list of e-mail addresses, phone numbers, conversion visitors, etc.).

Choose The Best Type Of Facebook Ads For Your Business

Facebook has various advertising types. These ads can lead to the landing page, to the lead form, or the page of specific products in your online store. For effective interaction with your potential customers, it is important to understand how to get the most out of advertising.

Choose The Best Type Of Facebook Ads For Your Business

Let’s look at the relationship between the goals and types of advertising campaigns on Facebook ads for business.


The intermediate goal is that as many people as possible from the target audience to see and remember your advertisement.

The global goal is to form a direct association between the product and the seller at the potential buyer.

Facebook algorithms collect statistics from thousands of advertisers and, based on it, select the most relevant audience who are interested in your product or service.

Facebook has the following campaign types for the “Awareness” goal:

  • “Brand awareness”

  • “Reach”

When choosing the type of campaign, you determine the sign by which Facebook optimizes your advertising and what you will pay for (views, clicks, likes, and so on).

In the first case, the campaign will show ads to the selected audience at most 2 times every 5 days.

For example, if a campaign lasts 4 weeks, people will see your ad for about 10 times.

In the second option, the algorithms will optimize ads, not for the maximum number of impressions, but increasing reach.

We know that it’s not always “impressions = reach” because the user can see the same ad several times. So reach = 1 and impressions = 3.

Also, in this type of campaign, the marketer can independently control the frequency of ad impressions in a certain period.


At this stage, the task of the marketer is not only to show advertising to potential buyers, but also to motivate them to perform the target action after watching the advertisement.


This is the type of configuration for redirecting users who saw ads to a specific Facebook page, site or application.

If you have a website, this campaign type will help increase site traffic. The same goes for mobile applications. Or if you do not have a website, users will come to your Facebook page to get information.


This campaign type is for advertisers who want to interact with users on a social network, motivate them to click “like”, write a comment, or subscribe to the Facebook page.

Who needs this? For example, you are an online magazine, and your main performance indicators are the number of likes for posts and daily page traffic. With this type of advertising, Facebook is optimized for any interaction with the post.

App installs

The goal of the campaign is to increase the number of app installs, optimize advertising for in-app events or purchase values to attract the most valuable customers.

Video views

This goal is optimized to get the most impressions from your video ad. Facebook shows your ad to the audience that is most likely to watch your ad for at least 2 consecutive seconds, 15 seconds or longer.

Lead generation

This is the recommended (and one of the most popular) advertising goal for those who want to get new leads and potential customers for their company.

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The contact form that users can fill out is in the ad itself, without having to visit the site.

Facebook Ads For Business: Key Benefits

You do not need to “lead” people to other sites or resources to get their contacts. This simplifies the process of leaving an application for potential customers and lowers the price for the result for the advertiser.


This type is suitable for a campaign in which it is important to open correspondence with a potential client – this is advertising with redirection in Messenger. Optimization is aimed at people who are more likely to start a chat conversation.

By clicking on such advertising, the user goes to Messenger, and you can offer more information about your products and services.

With the growing popularity of chatbots, which can answer questions themselves, provide the necessary information and communicate with users, this type of campaign can be very useful.



This type of advertising encourages people to perform the desired action on the site or in the application.

For example, you need users to perform the following actions: “view product category”, “view product card”, “add to cart” and “buy”. Your ad will be configured in such a way that you can “push” them to perform the desired target action.

Catalog sales

First, you need to upload the catalog (product feed) to the advertising office, then wait for moderation. After that, Facebook will show your products to the most interested audience.

Store traffic

This type of advertising campaign allows you to create dynamic local advertising for several sales offices to attract visitors and increase sales.

Also, it allows you to reach people who are within a specified distance from you – Facebook shows ads that will help potential customers reach the nearest point of sale or contact it.

Facebook Ads For Business: Do You Need The Help of Professionals?

Many business owners are watching the success of colleagues on Facebook from the side.

Someone has already tried to launch their advertising campaigns and faced with complex settings of Facebook Business Manager. Or they spend a very large budget, getting very expensive clicks and disappointment in targeted advertising on Facebook.

Facebook ads are a huge and powerful tool that can boost your business in a matter of days! Do not miss the opportunity to use it. Contact a professional Facebook agency to get the most out of all your options.