How to Maximize Your Return from Working with a Facebook Ads Agency

Social networks are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools to date. With their help, you can quickly and effectively promote your brand, increase ROI, and boost brand awareness, especially if a professional facebook ads agency takes over your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

For most businesses, Facebook is a must-be space for boosting revenue. Millions of people go to Facebook to watch the news, communicate or simply take a break from everyday hectic, and thus the feed is the ideal target for brands.

Setup & optimization. Creative and strategy execution.

Atlanta Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook ads can deliver your offer to a precisely targeted audience. The advertising platform allows you to target your potential customers by language and location, interests and preferences, education, age, income level, gender, and much more.

As a result, the ad “hits” precisely the target audiences, and you don’t spend money on useless impressions. The idea is that you get high converting ads for a lower price than any other advertising platform delivers today.

BUT only if the ad campaigns are done right!

Why Invest In a Facebook Ads Agency?

There are several important reasons why any business should use services of a professional Facebook ads agency to get the best results.

The first and most obvious reason is that creating an effective ad on your own is very difficult.

You can look through a lot of instructions and set up a campaign but Facebook ads have hundreds of nuances that you can learn only after gaining a lot of experience, and even a small mistake can lead to huge budget losses quickly.

Secondly, setting up a campaign that works requires in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads analytics to understand how effective the campaign is and whether changes are needed.

What can be improved and how to do it? A qualified Facebook ads agency knows these nuances. Not a single dollar will be wasted.

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The third reason is that when setting up campaigns on your own, you need to spend a lot of time to understand how Facebook advertising works.

And your time is the most valuable resource your business has. Instead, you can delegate this to professionals and spend your time to improve your product, customer service or grow your business to the next level.

Last but not least, a professional Facebook ads agency has tools and strategies that are not available to your competitors. Thanks to years of experience with the finest features of Facebook ads your business can benefit from quicker growth like never before.

How a Facebook Ads Agency Boosts Your Conversions with Facebook Ads

Speaking from experience:

  • We have been working with companies from various industries for years. We know how to map out a working advertising strategy that will give  excellent results.
  • Our specialists study your products, services, and goals in detail before setting up and launching ads on Facebook. This allows us to better structure offers, adjust targeting, and design creative that attracts attention of your potential customers.
  • We adhere to principles of transparency in working with clients: you know exactly what you will receive before we start. You see full reporting of cost and metrics. If after a comprehensive analysis of advertising we see that there is an opportunity to improve the strategy, we will immediately report on it and adjust your campaigns.
  • Our main goal is to generate tangible results for your business. To do this, we use a range of professional tools to develop a personalized plan for your business, not a cookie-cutter solution many Facebook agencies offer to multiple clients.

If you are looking to maximize your return from working with any Facebook advertising agency, you should always ensure that the agency offers everything in the list above when providing you with a quote or a service agreement.

Several Tips You Are Likely to Hear from a Professional Facebook Ads Agency

Here are a few basic facts that can help increase effectiveness of Facebook ads without additional cost that your Facebook ads agency is likely to mention sooner or later, if they are truly focused on your ROI:

    • Very large investments or prolonged advertising campaigns do not guarantee increase in conversions. Each precisely configured target audience has a certain “limit” known as audience saturation when nearly all potential buyers have already seen your offer, and those who wanted to convert, have converted. At that point, you can continue investing but you will see a significant increase in cost per result or no result at all.  Advertising strategy needs to be changed. How do you know that audience saturation occurred? Does it make sense to change the audience? How long should you wait to launch the same ads again? A professional Facebook ads agency already knows the answers to all of these questions.
    • Don’t optimize your ads too often. If the ad is running, you can adjust the settings at the campaign or ad set level but not the ad itself for a certain period of time after launch. A knowledgable Facebook ads agency will test and optimize methodically and consistently.
    • Focus on customers’ pain points. Many businesses want to show off their advantages through advertising, but the truth is that successful ads focus solely on customers’ immediate needs. An experienced Facebook ads agency will help you focus not only on the right audiences but also on the right message, creative, and offer.

    Getting the Most from Facebook Ads With Facebook Ads Agency

    • A/B split testing is a must to improve your advertising campaigns. Explore and compare different placement options, offers, creative, and ad formats. Ask your Facebook advertising agency how they are planning to execute testing and track the results.

    The above list is just the tip of the iceberg called Facebook advertising platform, and the more experience your Facebook ads agency has in utilizing all (or nearly all) capabilities of the platform, the better ROI you will receive from Facebook or Instagram ads; and of course, the lower the cost per result will be.

    Want to learn more about succeeding with Facebook ads? Contact the most experienced Atlanta Facebook ads agency now!